The Beast Campaign

The Rationale

The idea behind this brand campaign was to win over the young, IT professionals of the city. A well-travelled, culturally progressive segment that represents over 70% of the brand's customer base.
Real Estate advertising is often boring and painfully hard sell, which makes it easy to stand out and do something fun. We chose a route of humor and irreverence, giving the brand an edgy yet approachable persona.
"Is this some form of Gorilla Marketing? Make no mistake, it is." 
Martin Longbough
For the geeks out there
In the case of Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman, we used an age-old technique of 'forced perspective' to create the illusion that the beasts were physically larger than Martin. This technique was made famous in the "Lord of the Rings" movies. 
If you look closely at the table in the set below, you will see not one but two tables placed apart at different heights. The actors were not sitting opposite each other, they never really made eye contact, they had to stare at a tennis ball mounted to a light stand. To complete the illusion, the props that Bigfoot was interacting with were half the size of those Martin used. That is one of the reasons why we chose to use a clarinet for the Yeti ad. Clarinets come in two sizes, the B flat is significantly larger than the E flat variant. 
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